VISION direct to different verges of the beauty. Shot by shot.


STYLE as the basic selection instinct. To find out precious view from many.


TEAM just the main: the root, the mind & the eye. Project by project.


an award winning CG&VFX creative facility providing live-action, FULL CG and digital cinematography production for feature films, game trailers, cinematics, series and transmedia content.

Shot by shot. Project by project. With the vision.


Cinematics & Game Trailers

POSTMODERN develops world-class VFX, and specializes in creating realistic models of military equipment, environment area, and animalistic characters, using the latest technologies, and and develops our own approaches to solving issues we get to face.


In our company the process of visual effects production starts with getting familiar with a creative team of the project. We get completely involved in the process from the moment synopsis visualisation, storyboarding, and concept art creation start. The project in the stage of shooting gets observed by our supervisors, who in result are responsible for project lead on the stage of VFX development.


The hallmark of our company is a unique in-house developed management system for the creative projects that allows us to optimize budgets, and to make such production schedule so as to meet the deadlines.


VES Awards 2015



POSTMODERN Digital is a part of FILM.UA Group a creative powerhouse and one of the largest Eastern European media groups, operating in global markets and covering the full production cycle: development, production, adaptation and distribution of audiovisual content through the vertical business structure.


With the largest post-production hub in Eastern Europe, FILM.UA Group provides full-cycle production services for any job, from feature films, entertainment and popular-science TV programs to augmented reality and VR 360 projects. Our team of talented professionals regularly works with major international companies such as DreamWorks, AMC, PPI, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, etc.


The FILM.UA Post-Production Hub — including POSTMODERN, DCU, Signal Red, and Tak Treba Productions — handles more than 5,000 hours of content annually, including high volumes of CGI, VFX and color correction work.



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